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1. Introduction Anglican Christianity. The Catholic Revival. Anglo-Catholicism. Structure of the Book.
2. The Pre-Reformation English Church Early Christianity in the British Isles. The Medieval English Church. Beliefs and Practices in the Medieval Church. Prelude to the Reformation. Reflections.
3. The Church of England The English Reformation. The Mature Church of England. Anglican Worship. Anglican Doctrine. Anglican Sacred Music. Reflections.
4. The Anglican Church in Scotland and North America The Church in Scotland. English Settlement of North America. The Church in the United States. The Church in Canada. Church Parties. New Liturgies. Reflections.
5. High-Church Anglicanism High-Church Anglicanism in England and Scotland. High-Church Anglicanism in North America. High-Church Principles and Practices. Other Issues in High-Church Anglicanism. Erosion of Traditional Church Parties. Reflections.
6. Catholic Revival I: The Church, Doctrine, and the Spiritual Life Crisis in the Church of England. The Tractarian Movement. The Tracts and Their Message. Outcome of the Tractarian Movement. Anglican Religious Orders. Reflections.
7. Catholic Revival II: Sacred Spaces and Ceremony External Forms and Inner Realities. Church Architecture and Decoration. The Ritualist Movement. Ritualism in Great Britain. Ritualism in North America. The Catholic Revival and Sacred Music. Service and Social Conscience. Reflections.
8. Anglo-Catholicism Today Developments of the Twentieth Century. Initiation, Healing, and Reconciliation. The Eucharist. Adoration and the Glory of God. Marian Devotion and Mariology. Final Reflections.





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