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Anglo Catholicism


What is the Catholic Tradition within Anglicanism? What are its origins? Are Anglo-Catholics real Anglicans or Episcopalians? What is their relationship with Roman Catholics? Has Anglo-Catholicism betrayed Anglicanism’s Protestant roots? This book answers these and many other questions.

The Sacramental Church is the story of Anglo-Catholicism in Great Britain and North America. The book explores the historical, liturgical, and doctrinal foundations of Anglo-Catholicism, the circumstances in which it emerged, and what it offers today. It explores the history, practices, beliefs, and attitudes of Anglo-Catholicism—the expression of sacramental Christianity with special relevance to the English-speaking people.

Anglo-Catholicism attaches great importance to the sacraments, especially the Sacrament of the Altar. It also emphasizes the sacred ministry that extends back to the time of Christ.

While Anglo-Catholicism has deep roots in English Christianity, it attained its modern form through the nineteenth-century Catholic Revival—a movement that aroused strong passions among proponents and opponents alike. The revival, its proponents declared, reclaimed for the Anglican faith its heritage as an authentic branch of the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.” Anglo-Catholicism gave Anglicans/Episcopalians options to embrace ceremonial forms of worship, affirm the objective real presence and sacrificial nature of the Eucharist, venerate Mary the Mother of God, or join a monastery without abandoning their Anglican tradition.

The Sacramental Church is addressed to the intelligent, non-specialist reader—one who wants a readable story but expects more than a shallow, superficial treatment and who welcomes opportunities for further reading. It is addressed to Anglo-Catholic laity and clergy, high-church Anglicans/Episcopalians, members of other Anglican traditions, and anyone interested in sacramental Christianity.

With an extensive bibliography and numerous direct quotes, The Sacramental Church provides a valuable reference source as well as a very readable story of Anglo-Catholicism.


The Sacramental Church:
The Story of Anglo-Catholicism

John F. Nash

Wipf and Stock, 2011
Paperback, 306 pages 
List price $34.00
(best online price $27.20)

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